Fika-On the roof, outrages customers.

Fika-On the roof is celebrating its anniversary by introducing a “Pay what you want” offer.



This offer attracted a lot of people and everyone planned on trying it out even me. Well, not a good idea I tell you. The place is located in Clifton block IV on a roof top with a nice ambience. When me and my loved ones sat down we were handed a menu card on which no prices were mentioned except for the beverages.

We, starving due to being at work all day ordered a starter soup and three main course, we were a number of four people. The food took a lot of time to come and when we were served the starter it was definitely not fresh. We did not want to waste it so we compromised on the quality and taste. This does not end here all the main courses were not up to the mark in quality, quantity or presentation. We could not eat much and thought of having dinner somewhere else on this frustrated note we asked for the bill.

The waiter then brought to us a piece of paper with our food items listed and blank spaces in front of the total amount and tip. Before this procedure we had complained to the waiter that the food was not fresh on which he denied it to our face by saying “come by at 11pm and you will not even find space to sit.” Well, okay? We then paid an amount of 1100 to the bill and 100 tip to the waiter on which the waiter to top it all off insulted us and said this is not even half the amount of food we had also that this was unfair to them. Nowhere on the menu or Facebook page which by the way was where I had found out about this offer was it mentioned that we had to pay 50%, we paid what we found was just. The waiters’ attitude and tone was very harsh.

Thus We came home with a bad temperament and an empty stomach. This is a message to all restaurant owners out there, please educate your waiters on how to behave with the customers as a customer not only pays for food but also for the service and the way he is treated.

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