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BEWARE! Doing exercise while angry, can kill you
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BEWARE! Doing exercise while angry, can kill you

Are you a most-of-the-time angry kind of person? Then, there is this thing that you need to know immediately. As per the study exercise, or most appropriately; heavy exercise can triple the risk of a heart attack within the hour of workout.

According to the global research, being very angry or upset can double the chances of heart attack, whereas, extensive physical efforts do the same. And, if you are working out just for the sake of calming down; you are more exposed to danger and risks.

The research in the American Heart Association’s journal has found that the heart attack patients who were admitted in the hospitals had engaged in any sort of physical exercise or were emotionally disrupted.

Researchers analyzed information from 12,461 patients from 52 countries with an average age 58. The scientists found out the triggers that led patients towards a serious heart condition. The results showed that 14% (1,650 people) had engaged in physical activity while 14% (1,752 people) were angry or emotionally upset.

This research maintains a strong foothold for those who get angry, or emotionally unstable easily. Therefore, in such cases try to maintain your composure and DO NOT EXERCISE!

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