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Health trends that are not worth following in 2017

By: Kainaat Maqbool

Health is one thing we can never compromise on. Health trends come and go, but you need to be cautious as they can play with your wellbeing too. So, we bring along some of the trendiest health developments and habits that you should ditch with the previous year and make 2017 the best with regards to health.

Snacking After Dinner:
It is a well-known myth that eating something after lunch may be a diet-buster. But, you need to learn that snacking after dinner can be good if the intake is nutritious, healthy and light. So let’s pledge to take something low-fat and full of protein after every dinner this year, so we can sleep peaceful and move towards a healthier year.
Don’t Set A Goal To Lose Weight:
Experts recommend that you need not to set up a goal for losing weight as it leads to trauma, stress and unfit mental health over incompletion. We tend to mark some very tough goals when it comes to weight loss, but are not able to fulfill them all the time. In such situations, people become depressed. So, remember that weight loss is a long and slow process and it works better if you keep it that way. Try, try and try again, but with good diet and no weight loss program.
I Don’t Need Sleep:
This is a cliché line you must have heard from staunch professionals. However, this is totally wrong conception we need to drop now! Most people need seven hours a night, and some even more. Those who don’t get the appropriate amount of sleep, face a lot of deleterious effects on mental health and memory.
Medical Test For Everything:
We have this notion of running for blood tests and other medicinal procedures, even if there is a scratch on our body. Scientists and researchers have highly recommended to stop looking towards technology (advanced medical procedures) as the answer of health worries, and look after maintaining a proper lifestyle.
Bottled Fruits & Smoothies:
Bottled fruits and smoothies pack a lot of sugar. Therefore, ditch them this year and instead look for everything fresh and straight out of the earth. Limit sugar in your diet as it leads to serious cholesterol and diabetic issues.
Gobbling Water All Day Long:
Let’s just keep this in mind that guzzling water all day long is not the solution to your health worries. Therefore, drink appropriate and do not overload yourself with water. Drinking a lot of water can flush toxins from the body, which is extremely hazardous for the health.

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