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People will tear you, break you, hate you, make you feel unwanted, make fun of you, makes you go all crazy, target your weak points and bully you but all you have to remember is that you are strong enough to turn their heads down and pick yourself up from the trap they have been building and hit them hard in the faces.

As being a woman I can feel what body shaming and bullying will lead you to. Women feel so much pressure to stand out in the crowd. The are usually hiding their bodies under baggy clothes and always reaching the mark to look slim and pretty. So what is beauty according to our society? Is the acceptance only available for the people who have great bodies?

Being plus size is not something someone wants. It’s not something someone intentionally loves. It just happens where you can’t start judging the other person on the basis of the appearances. Whatever, the social media makes you believe you start believing it. Your preference will not be a plus size woman in front of a model of course. because that’s what has been taught to us by the social media and even the people around us.

Unfortunately the people in the society are raised with such low standards regarding women. The only definition which is taught to them is what we are aware of. Degrading someone to the extent where they don’t feel confident about themselves is an unacceptable gesture. You deserve much more than being offended by the comments of the strangers who doesn’t even matter in your life.

Let’s speak out for yourself. What really matters is the confidence you wear; despite of hearing negative comments from all around the corners you must still manage to mock those people right off right in their faces. If you are comfortable in anything you wear or eat just do it without even bothering to think of the people who criticise you because eventually people will criticise you no matter what.

It doesn’t matter whether you are fat you can be thin, black, white, bald or whatsoever, people will still speak about you. They just need a chance to spill out the frustrations and makes the other person feel miserable about themselves. These are the one’s who are already suffering from lack of attention in their life so just don’t care because there words means nothing.

There are some people who are coming forward and speaking for themselves which is a good sign. If you will let them take over you they will gradually take you down. But what if; you will fight against them then definitely you are hitting the mark.

So just be confident. Love yourself. Fight against the odds. Stand for yourself and you will cope up with every worst nightmare in the society.

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