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Three benefits of Dates

We have always been witness eating dates in the month of Ramdhan. But less did we know apart from breaking the fast with Dates; they are extremely beneficial for our body.

Dates are basically a dry fruit. Depending on the colors they can be found from yellow to brown shade tones. Zaghlol and Thori are the most commonly consumed dates in the Middle East and Asia.

They are sweet in taste and contains nutrients ingredients which are good for your body. In this article, we will be sharing some health benefits which you can get by consuming dates in your daily life.

Promotes Natural Labour:

Dates have been promoted for ease in labor pain. Pregnant women are suggested to eat dates as they reduce the labor time and make it easy to go with the pain.

Just have 6 dates per day before your labor time and it will help you with the natural delivery. Also, a studied has shown that it can induce women who consume dates during their time as compared to those who not.

Improves Digestive System:

Dates are extremely rich in fiber. It can make your immune system fast and better. Soak some of the dates in water at night and have them daily morning. It will help you remove the fat and cholesterol stored in the stomach and eventually boosts your digestive system.

Keep a balanced on your Weight:

Fruits are always considered as the best option for sweetener. It doesn’t increase your sugar levels nor increase your weight. Dates help you balance weight and your dietary process.

Now that’s what we call suppleness!

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