Foilboards – The future of surfing?

We live in the age of technology everything is constantly evolving in terms of tech and hover boards have always been on the minds of tech savvy people. now eventhough we have seen many claim that they have  devices that are hover-boards but these are boards that barely get off the ground and move very slowly. However there is a board that ticks all boxes when it comes to hover boards but there is only one catch it runs on water.

Now What if you could hover over the water instead of being in it whilst you surf. The company Sling Shot has stated that “once a surfer uses their board he/she wont use another board”.  “Foil surfing” or “Hover Surfing” is the new thing, this new technology has transformed surfing enabling the surfer to travel at greater speeds across the water, giving the impression that they are hovering.This is possible due to the hydrofoil motor being attached to the board. Once the surfer mounts the board it gets up to speed  he or she can  can almost fly over the water .Here are a few advantages the company claim the surfer will have with their boards, its light weight (7.9lbs) allows agility, its easy to ride and fun to learn, it also has slower speeds (8-12 mph), brings a new challenge and a flying sensation to towable sports it is essentially a motorized surfboard, a surf board which is faster and more capable than any other on the market.




Uneeb Khan Yousufzai

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