Why Attachment Leads to disappointment in Relationships!

When you start loving people around you, you get attached and eventually you lose a part of yourself. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have the right to bound your partner because a good partner is the one who never set boundaries for you. Some men think that a good women doesn’t exist, and with their toxic perception they easily ruin a relationship just to prove themselves right.

A better relationship help you grow together, and be the best versions of yourself. When your partner is wrong, he is wrong. Things will not be magically right, if he is digging a graveyard of your thoughts, and locking up you!

“Why I feel like I am in a cage, you are with me but you are nowhere. Help me! We were supposed to grow together. “

(inner voice)

But you promised me to stay together and live the best of our lives. Then why did you left me alone in the sea of brutality and barbarity. Why is it always necessary for you to tear me down when you are feeling insecure and because of your insecurities and low self-esteem,  you did your best to make me feel smaller in order to make yourself superior!

“ I was waiting for you,

I got lost in the chaos of this world,

Figuring it out, feeling used and alone,

While you were enjoying the colors of your life,

Anxiety shouted at me and depression froze me.”

If you are living in a toxic relationship, you need to understand that “abuse” cannot justify your partner acts. Abuse can be of any type, it can be mental, physical and emotional abuse. It will eat you away!

Be your strength! Help you get yourself out of this relationship because trust me it would be extremely hard for you to survive the battle of life.

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