Free way to earn money from a blog in 48 hours

So, many people want to know how to earn money from a blog.

You must be desperate to earn money from a blog but you dont know how to do it quickly.

Some years back, blogging was just like a hobby that some people like to do in their additional time.

And today, blogging still works in the same way, but a lot has changed.

This is 2019, and blogging has become one of the most profitable online business.

Some years back bloggers were only dependent on Google AdSense to earn money online.

Now there are many ad networks and monetization methods available which you can implement to earn huge amounts of money from our blog.

After the Penguin update and the page layout algo update, I suggest you get rid of ad network which is not generating money well.

Infolinks is a good ad network for a tech blog, but for a webmaster blog like Tech4tips, it harms.

If 1 affiliate network is not working well for you, try out a new network and see how it works.

In this post, Ill tell you some ways of how to earn money from a blog.

Keep Trying new ad networks and see which works best for you.


Free Way To Earn Money From A Blog:

If you are using contextual ads and are not earning money enough that way then you must try to use direct ads or affiliate ads.

1.Direct Advertisements

Theres no need of proof that Google AdSense is the best advertisement program for bloggers, but it has some limitations.

The biggest limitation is the amount you get per click.

If you get direct advertisements then replace Google AdSense ads with direct ads.

You can use AdClerks or use a plugin like WPAdvancedAds to get some direct advertisements.

2.Affiliate Advertisements

Affiliate advertisements are one of the best ways to earn money from a blog.

A single sale will make you a lot more money than 5-10 clicks on a contextual ad.

Every blogger is using this method and one of the most profitable way to make money from a blog.

3.Paid Reviews

Paid review is an awesome way to boost your monthly income.

You can easily make $10 or more from a small review post.

If you get a request to write a post for a paid review never miss that because that will get more money.

4. Run campaign for brands:

This is perfect for any type of blog with a fix audience base.

You can help any brand to reach the target audience by running the campaign for them.

For this, you have to do a brand collaboration, running webinars, even paid Ads or making videos.

You will see an increased number of other blogs doing it with brands.

Keep an eye on this method because it is already becoming one of the best ways to monetize a blog.

5. Viglink

If you are using any in-text advertising then remove that and install Viglink.

This ad network will monetize your outbound links.

Unlike pay per click, it is a performance-based ad network and an easy way to earn money from referral marketing while you dont need to do heavy work of editing all links.

6. Referral Income

Some ad programs have a pay per referral program.

You can look for referral programs and refer the people to that program.

This method will get you quickly some money to your pocket.

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7. Create and Sell eBook

You can check that selling an ebook is the business model of most top internet marketers.

For bloggers like you and me, its easy to create an eBook by using your existing blog content.

You just need to pick a topic then compile an eBook on that topic and sell it on your blog or on Amazon.

After you are used to this process, you can earn a good amount of money by selling eBooks online.

And having your own product and selling it online or offline is the best method that you can do to generate passive income.

You can sell your books on these platforms:

  • On WordPress using EDD plugin
  • Amazon Kindle store
  • Instamojo (For Indians)
  • Sellfy (For global platform)

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8. Services

Create your own service and recommend people to use it.

There are lots of services which you can start like- you can offer content writing, logo creation, SEO etc.

There are a lot of services you can offer, but I would recommend not wasting yourself and instead of completing them one by one.

All the above ideas are awesome, and you should find out what works best for yours.

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