Homeland: Islamophobic Propaganda or Progressive Masterpiece?

Recently I came across an article written by Rozina Ali which was on a very old topic that is critsizing Homeland but hit me quite hard and made me realize that it is high time we take a stand on this.

Coming to the gist of it Homeland has collected many recompenses in simply its initial two seasons, including Golden Globes for best male and female lead and best dramatization. In spite of this acclaim and support, a calming certainty remains. Country’s awful folks, the terrorists undermining the United States, are all Muslims.

Country depicts Muslims as synonymous with terrorists. The essential objective for Carrie Mathison, the female hero, is to bring down the invented terrorist pioneer Abu Nazir. Nazir who, alongside the various “awful folks” in the appear, are Muslims. These terrorists hold Sergeant and Vice President Nick Brody hostage for a long time. Through flashbacks the crowd sees these terrorists in just two settings–torturing Brody and asking. In this depiction of petition to God and viciousness, Homeland unites Islam and terrorism. The group of onlookers starts to find that Brody is a terrorist while Brody’s religious change to Islam becomes visible. Country connections Brody’s his change from US Marine to terrorist with his adjustment in religions from Christianity to Islam.

While the awful folks are Muslim, Homeland strives to make the United States government authorities as unlikeable and degenerate as could be allowed. The highly contrasting, great and shrewdness comprehension of this show obscures further and promote with each scene. The Vice President and the CIA conceal ramble strikes that executed 80 youngsters in Afghanistan, an outcome that they expected when they issued the request. Abruptly, the point of view in Homeland shifts. The “great folks” are tyke executioners and the “awful folks,” Abu Nazir and comapny, are avenging the passings of their youngsters. Brody, the sleeper operators/terrorist, is not spurred by contempt or viciousness. Rather, he has been controlled into paying the United States back for the passings of 80 Afghan youngsters. This unpredictability that Homeland adds to terrorism gives a more individual, multi-dimensional portrayal of the Muslims.

We all being Muslims should be careful as to what we are being spoon fed with these series can be extremely brainwashing.


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