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I was searching Pakistan’s best fashion/clothing brands & i stopped at ChenOne, i thought to share few of my favorite dresses with readers too. Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress, so dress should be classy & fabulous. ChenOne is one-stop store where you can find ChenOne Home, ChenOne Man, ChenOne Woman & ChenOne Kids. There is a mid-season sale up to 50% off from 5th Dec- 3rd Jan at all ChenOne stores. The quality of Bonita & other range of ChenOne is superb. ChenOne is so stylish yet reasonable brand for women. This prominent and most arduous brand is working in the fashion industry with the awareness of chic style with latest trend and allure. There are several brands at ChenOne like Pareesa, Bonita, PrettyFit, Damask, BEPPI, PRE END & CANCLINI.

I would like to share few pictures of ChenOne collection.


ChenOne Man


ChenOne Home
ChenOne Kids

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