From ‘Barbie’ to ‘Hijarbie’.



Haneefa Adam, a 24 year old girl from Nigeria posted images on instagram of her barbie wearing different stylish hijaabs, which she has given a name of ‘Hijarbie’.




“It’s about having a doll that looks like her, that represents her own cultural and religious background,” Haneefa said.






Barbie is generally known for her long blonde hair, but ‘Haneefa Adam’ who gave her barbie a graceful hijaabi makeover, hopes to create positive awareness and inspire muslim children.

On twitter, people are loving the new hijarbie and discussing about it;

image imageWhile others are making unnecesarily islamophobic comments;




After decades of criticism for having unrealistic body proportions and promoting an unhealthy body weight, for which the company has suffered declining sales in recent times. Last month Mattel has finally announced more realistic range of barbies in petite, tall and curvy sizes, that are available in different skin tones.




The fame Haneefa has received from her creation of ‘Hijarbie doll’, she is now in the process of building a website and hopes to make the hijarbie available for purchase.

Good luck Haneefa Adam, Keep it up!


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