Fuller House didn’t invite Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to join the final season


We all knew that Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen would never join the rest of their Full House family at their spin-off, and their Full House family knew that too.

Candace Cameron Bure confirmed to TVLine that the twins, who played Michelle on Full House, were not invited to appear in the final season.

“We have not reached them,” she told the site. “Several seasons ago it was very clear that they didn’t want to do it.”

Neither twin had acted in several years. Mary-Kate’s last role was in Beastly in 2011, and Ashley hadn’t acted since The Jerk Theory in 2009, and before that, her last role was in New York Minute in 2004.

In 2015, when the spin-off show was first announced, everyone dreamed of Michelle Tanner’s return, and it didn’t seem completely impossible.

They told Women’s Wear Daily that the first they heard of the new series was when John Stamos announced it on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“We just found out today. I assume we’re going to talk to the makers and see what’s going on,” Mary-Kate said at the time, and they seemed like nobody had contacted them.

“I recently met Bob (Saget) and we didn’t even talk about it,” Ashley said and said she should see what he thought of the show. “I’m going to call (Saget) and get his perspective.”

In the show world, Michelle (who fell off a horse and lost memory in the final of the Full House series, never forgotten) now runs a fashion empire in New York, just like her real portraits, way too busy to return to come to San Francisco for barbecues and love triangles and extensive musical proposals.

Apart from that light communication debacle with Stamos, it seemed that there were never really hard feelings about the decision.


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