GEO, what went wrong?


Newscasters at Geo News put on the uniform of Army Public School on the eve of the first anniversary of the Dec 16 terrorist attack.

At least 150 people, mostly school children, were killed when Taliban gunmen stormed Army Public School in Peshawar last year.

According to Geo top director Azhar Abbas “As a mark of solidarity with the students of APS, Geo News anchors are wearing the APS uniform.”

But the move drew an immediate criticism from citizens while some praised the initiative.

Geo can be called Shallow for this and to some extent it is true if you are sympathizing with them and wearing their uniforms in solidarity then why broadcast entertainment news and other happening news of the fashion industry wearing these uniforms. A simple segment could have been kept for the martyrs only. This might have been an action done with good intentions and sentiments but was not executed properly. Where did Geo lack?

Dr. Amir Liaqat a well-known name in the industry and the director of Geo resigned from Geo on this incident saying nobody listened to him there and he left Geo entertainment out of heart break.

A leading channel not thinking out its plans before execution and hitting the nerves of people; what went wrong?


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