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Here is why we get down on one knee to propose the beloved!

Proposing someone can be hard and tricky. You will get a sloshing of heartbeats and tangled nerves, before you even get a chance to bend down on one knee and propose your heart out to the beloved. All aside, this norm sounds simple! If you want to marry someone, just get that beautiful ring and bend down on a magical pose to ask out.

But, ever wondered why do people all over the word bend down on a signature single knee style to propose the beloved? As per Engagement Ring Bible, it is the sign of utmost respect for the person who is standing next, waiting to be asked out.

The site states the reason as during the days of primitive era, men used to bend down in front of lords and kings as a sign of honour, loyalty and respect. Still, it is a common gesture in the religious ceremonies to kneel in front of God as respect. This is why when you question someone to marry you, it is a sign – a loyal pledge of allegiance and respect for the person you are willing to spend rest of your life with, states the website. In essence, it means that you are all set to give a part of yourself to someone else without any pride or ego.

On the other hand, if you are wondering why people use rings, we have an answer for that too!

Pope Innocent III in 1214 introduced a new concept in a form of law which demanded that a trial period should be observed between couples who wish to marry. As a mark of their commitment, couples were ordered to wear a ring on their finger during this period.

So when you kneel down with a diamond ring to propose your one and only, you will know what is the purpose in doing so.

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