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Things you should not wear this winter

Love winters? Me too. Winter’s thaw is finally upon us. But before you dive head-first into spring’s phenomenal fashion trends—The cold shoulder! Slip dresses! Wedgie jeans!—know the rules of what’s appropriate to wear to work and what should be worn.

You know who else loves winters? All animals and they would really appreciate living long enough to see it and hibernate or curl up in hay and sleep for hours. But they cannot and you know why? Because we love our leather and fur.

Here is a list of things your winter wardrobe can do without;

Leather Jackets 

Things you should not wear this winter

The cows used for the leather are treated as badly, sometimes more, as the cows in the meat and dairy factory and it is the kind of cruelty that nobody deserves and definitely not in the name of fashion.

Ugg boots 

Things you should not wear this winter

Love how your feet feel in those warm soft uggs? A baby sheep died a painful death for your feet to feel this wonderful?

Fur coats

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Animals are electrocuted, bludgeoned, skinned and hanged for their fur where they mostly bleed to death. If only coats bled as much as the animals for the coats.

Shearling lined coats

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Wool comes from sheep, beautiful happy healthy sheep,  from whom wool is stolen during which they suffer injuries that are never looked after. Sometimes these injuries result in death.

I am sorry if th

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