Get Your Natural Facelift On!


Ladies! It’s an era where we focus on our face more than anything, because we want to look good in every single picture and selfie. You all will definitely appreciate me for these simple tips if followed religiously. Just take out some time for these exercises for your face and get a chiselled jawline and perfect cheek bones.

Chin Lifts


Get rid of your double chin with this simple exercise. Perform this exercise either sitting or standing position, being by tilting your head towards the ceiling, keeping your eyes fixed towards it. Now, make your lips tight, as if trying to kiss the ceiling, hold it till a count of 5 seconds and relax. Repeat it 10 to 20 times at a stretch. Virtual kissing helps big time.

Rolling the Neck


Rolling the neck is one of the most effective and easiest exercise to get rid of double chin. It helps in toning the chin, jawline and neck muscles. Start in a straight position by keeping your head at the normal position, now gently bend your head to one side and lining with your chin, then slowly turn your head to that it makes a complete circular rotation. Remember to keep your spine straight and shoulders down at all times. Repeat it in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions for 3 to 4 minutes.

Lip Pull


Lip pull is the most effective facial yoga exercises if performed regularly. It can help in lifting up the face muscles, making you look more young with high cheekbones and prominent jawline. Begin in a standing or sitting position with your head in the normal position, lift your lower lip up as much as possible by pushing the lower jaw out.Remain in this posture for 10 to 15 seconds and relax and perform the lip pull exercise 10 to 15 times at a stretch.

Fish Face


This is better than the “Duck Face.” This is one of the easiest and the best facial exercises for cheeks that you can do anywhere. Suck in your cheeks and lips to make a fish face and now try smiling. Hold the posture for 5 seconds, feel the burn in cheeks and jaws. Relax and again repeat it 15-20 times for best result.

The X-O Pose


The oh-so X-O pose is an easy way to do facial exercise and to get rid of chubby cheeks. This exercise simply requires your face to pronounce the alphabets X and O repeatedly in a pronounced manner. It wokrs the jaws, cheeks and neck muscles. This can be done anywhere and anytime.

Cheek Lifts


Keep smiling, it is one of the best exercises to tone the cheek muscles. Simply, sit in a comfortable position and smile as wide as you can and lift up your cheeks towards your eyes. If you feel the stretch and strain then you are doing good. Hold the posture for 15 seconds and relax your face, repeat it 15 times at a stretch for best results.

Mouthwash Move


Imagine yourself doing mouthwash, without it. It’s a simple face exercise that helps in stretching of the cheek muscles and reduces the chubbiness of cheeks. All you have to do is, sit in a comfortable position and fill up one of your cheeks with air and transfer the air from one cheek to another as if you are doing mouthwash. Continue it for 1 minute and relax, repeat it 5-10 times for best results.


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