Lipton and the Robin Hood Army

The month of Ramzan brings with it, amongst several rituals, a sense of giving and bringing joy to those less fortunate. Lipton felt it imperative to do something bigger than usual this Ramzan and initiated their “Make it happen” campaign that brings to surface not just the intention to do good but also the action that comes along with it.




Lipton asked many of its loyal consumers on insights as to what should be done this Ramzan to fulfill the true essence of this month. Amongst the many issues faced by Pakistan, the most appalling was the rate at which food is currently being wasted. About 1.3 billion tons of cooked food each year is wasted in Pakistan where food shortage is on an alarming rise. Addressing this grave issue, Lipton decided to team up with the Robin Hood Army to fight this problem of food shortage, particularly in the month of Ramzan.




The Robin Hood Army is an organization started by the youth of Pakistan that re-allocates the food wasted in hotels to underprivileged slums for lunch, dinner and in Ramzan, for iftar.

This Ramzan, Lipton and Robin Hood Army joined hands to bring smiles to the people of Malir Nadi. The teams paired up and arranged iftar for all families of Malir Nadi.




The aim was to not merely provide ample and delicious food to these families who are not fortunate enough to have grand iftars every day. But the aim was to also have these iftars with them and make them enjoy the day. Both the teams had a lovely time post-iftar as well, where they played games and conducted several activities with the old and the young of Malir Nadi. The lit up faces and the spark of excitement in the eyes of all the residents is enough to say that Lipton and Robin Hood indeed did ‘make it happen’ this Ramzan.


Fareeha Imdad

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