Priyanka Chopra gets trolled for allegedly getting a lip job again!

We all are aware with the fact that almost all the actresses have gone under the knife to enhance their looks, and so has Priyanka Chopra apparently. People have talked about her lip job as well.

But on the other side, PC has denied it long time back. But seems like the topic has taken fire once again when she uploaded a pout selfie recently and became the eye of the storm as people started to troll her for allegedly getting a lip job done.

This is the picture she posted on her Instagram:

Summer lovin… 🌊🥂🙏🏼😌 #carfiesunday

A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on

But some people couldn’t handle it!


For all the haters who thinks that she has done any lip job or she will be having it in future, must read this:

“I have never felt the need for any enhancement surgery. What I have is what I have been blessed with. It hurts when people judge or crucify me on imaginary counts. I have looked different at different ages because I have worked on my look. I love myself the way I am,” Said Priyanka Chopra in an interview.

I don’t think that a celebrity needs to hide anything about their appearance because actresses talk openly about their beauty surgeries, there are others who don’t. Like PC!


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