Netflix has emerged as a platform for all the movie and season lovers to watch their favorite shows even I am the one who just loves to “Netflix and Chill” on weekends. Recently, an increase of Indian series has been observed on Netflix such as Lust Stories and Sacred Games (I am a huge fan of Sacred Games as well). Due to which new seasons are being uploaded by them for the viewers. As I was exploring the content on Indian Series I came across this new one called “Ghoul”. It was a horror web TV series consisting of 3 episodes only.

The series was written by Patrick Graham under the production of Blumhouse Productions, Phantom films, and Ivanhoe Pictures.

The story of “Ghoul” is based on a newly appointed military officer Nida Rahim (Radhika Apte) who is loyal to her country and work joins the system for cleansing the terrorist activity by handing over her father to the military. After her show of loyalty to the country, she is posted in a covert military detention center for interrogating Ali Saeed (Mahesh Balraj) who is most dreaded at the moment in the country. But the situation turns its course when during the investigation he starts revealing the deep and darkest secrets of the interrogators to them. After going through that herself, she understands that there is something else going on with Ali Saeed and he does not belong to the human world instead it is a supernatural person who shapes himself after biting the last human it killed.

The story is thrilling and suspense is created until the end. I would personally rate it 4.5\5 as I was hooked to the core and watched all three episodes in one go. The screening and framing of the series are done remarkably using the effects in the most balanced way. And since its release, the series has only got some very positive reviews. I would suggest to all the Netflix crazies out there to watch it once and you won’t regret it.


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