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This girl exposing guys who tried to harass her is the bravery we expect from every Pakistani woman!

Eve-teasing, harassment and public molestation have become increasingly common phenomenon in Pakistan. There goes by no day when a girl isn’t harassed or talked down on our streets. However, there are very few brave girls who valiantly stood by their stance and raise their voice against these goons and vagabonds and Shumaila Hassan is definitely one of those proud girls. You might have not heard this name before, but she has definitely become an example of bravery for all the girls ignoring cases of everyday physical trespassing.

What recently happened was that Shumaila was out and about doing her business in Clifton block 7, when two guys in a car catcalled her as “Mast Mast” and “Kya Figure Hai”. But, she did not resort to the usual girls running away and instead posted a live Facebook video of guys who tried to rush away after seeing her fighting back against their hooliganism.

Not only this, but she also posted their complete pictures which depicted their faces, making them clear for the world to see.

It was just a matter of hours and the post went viral across Pakistan with people praising her for making public the entire incident. As they say; pen has power! But, for this situation, Shumaila’s Facebook post was enough to take the entire scenario to the guy’s family.

Not only this but Shumaila has also started her Facebook group by the name of “No To Harassment”, in order to spread awareness of the rising harassment cases among all. She encouraged each and every woman out there to raise their voice against the escalating injustice being committed in the form of sexual harassment in this society.

Shumaila’s case is just one among the hoard of every day molestation and abuse cases girls in Pakistan have to go through. However, every girl out there has to develop a strong sense of bravery and has to step up against all those committing this heinous act. It is only then this society will be able to free itself from the hungry eyes and stares of vultures.

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