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A girl expressed her love for Feroze Khan and here is how he reacted

VJ-turned-actor Feroze Khan started off his journey as an actor back in 2014. Feroze tasted success with his very first TV play Chup Raho. He was later seen in Furqan Khan’s Tumse Mil Kay and recently in the ever-popular Gul-e-Rana, opposite Sajal Aly; the serial went onto become a television phenomenon and a viral sensation on social media.

A girl recently expressed her dire desire to meet Feroze Khan, although she expressed her wish through a closed group only for girls the message conveyed to Feroze in shape of screen shots. Well seriously are these group even closed anymore? But well I guess that’s what she wanted and the girls just tried to help her.

Right after her post to our utmost surprise Feroze Khan responded with a tweet:


Haha. Believe it or not but I’ve been sent this screenshot from way too many people now that I can’t blind myself to it.
Kia karoon ?

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