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Good things take time!

If we talk about virtues, patience is a quiet one. 

Patience is not loud and boisterous. Patience is the process that happens behind closed doors. 

The impatient ones are usually those who seek attention however, patience always wins. 

There are many reasons why one should embrace the virtue of patience. As much as you want to get things done in a blink of an eye, it is patience that bears the sweetest fruit. 

  1. Positive mental health

When we apply patience into our day to day lives, we tend to improve our mental health. Nobody wants to be stressing over and fuming about things that are currently underway. Why waste your energy over something that is not happening and rather invest it in your own will power? Use your energy to find solutions. 

  1. It makes you a better person 

Nobody wants to be surrounded by someone who is triggered easily by situations that test them. Remaining calm through adversity and difficult times helps us emerge as a better person and trust me people would rather be around someone who knows how to tackle situations maturely. 

  1. Goals are easier to achieve

Calculated thought process always enables you to structure what you must work towards and direct your energy and focus there rather than fretting over petty things. 

  1. Gratitude always manifests into abundance 

When you are grateful, the universe will manifest it into a higher turnout of abundance and blessings. There is no point whining about tiny issues and once you stop, you’ll notice how rewarding it is. 

This was it for today, I know patience is not my best aspect however, working towards it will certainly enable me to achieve what I want, consistently and properly. 

Until next time. 

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