Google reviews most viewed pakistani destinations on street view

Google celebrated on Tuesday 15 years since it kicked off its mammoth and hugely controversial effort to photograph streets in minute detail across the globe. The panoramic images of Google Street View have slipped into daily life for millions – but during its early years it attracted countless court cases and howls of anguish from privacy campaigners. The US tech giant is marking the anniversary by releasing a slew of new features, including an improved version of the “time travel” tool that allows users to see previous photos taken by Google’s cameras. As part of Street View’s 15th birthday celebration, Google shared the places Pakistanis had fun exploring on Street View during the last year: Islamabad International Airport Jinnah International Airport (JIAP) Shah Faisal Masjid Badshahi Mosque Frere Hall Allama lqbal International Airport The Centaurus Mall Islamabad Minar-e-Pakistan Mohenjo-daro Umbrella Waterfall.

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