‘Gossip Girl’ reboot to be completely different from original, says producer


Rise and shine Upper East Side! Gossip Girl, the one and only source into the glitzy and glamour lives of the city’s  crème de la crème is making its grand return with a reboot which happens to be in full swing.

While all the fans had been counting down days till news on the reboot got out, it looks like their wait is finally over as producer Joshua Safran dished the details on how many of the original characters will be returning for its re-run.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, he revealed that Gossip Girl 2.0 will be completely different owing to the technological advancements and the surge of new media.

“I think it very much represents where we will be at in 2020 when the show airs. It really looks at how social media has changed,” he said.

”You know, the first time around, when the show started people were, like, checking in places on Foursquare and updating their locations on Facebook. Things we would never do now because we don’t want anyone to know where we are. That change alone changes the dynamic of what Gossip Girlmeans and how Gossip Girl interacts with the kids this day and age, so I think it’s gonna be really interesting to see. The modern age reflected through Gossip Girl,” he added.

He further answered the much-anticipated question on which of the characters will be returning and what their correlation will be with the newer additions.

”Well, we talk about what happened to Dan [Humphrey], so I might have to text Penn [Badgley] and see if he’s really available. Penn also works constantly, but we’ll see if we can rope him in there. That would be great. I would love for everyone to come back if they wanted to. The universe still exists. The characters talk about Serena, Blair, Chuck, Dan.”

Moreover, fans are expected to witness a five-year jump from where the series last ended. “They are a part of the world. The characters talk about them and that they do exist. So, yeah, I would love to have them come back. The show jumped five years in the future when it ended and we are past that five years now, so it’s whole new things that they could be doing,” he said.

GG is all set to release by early next year 2020!


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