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Shamoon Abbasi forcefully asked to leave Neuplex Cinema

Shamoon Abbasi forcefully asked to leave Neuplex Cinema

On the premier of Chalay Thay Saath movie, every celebrity gathered to appreciate Pakistani Cinema and cast of the movie, Shamoon Abbasi also attended the premier but unfortunately he was asked to leave the cinema in a disrespectful way.

Sources told that Shamoon was sitting on stairs along with celebrity stylist Rao Ali Khan because there was no seat available in the hall. Earlier, Khan sacrificed his seat for Chein Aye Na actress Sarish Khan. Clearly, none of the organizers came to facilitate artists but the cinema security embarrassed them instead.

Initially, a black uniform guy of Neuplex cinema told Abbasi and Khan not to sit on stairs and asked to leave the hall. On that, they told him that they were fine with their sitting. The black uniform guy went outside the hall and came back with a white uniform guard with same instructions. Once again, Abbasi had the same answer, but the guard then pushed him from the back and tried grabbing his hand. Even after being treated badly, he didn’t lose control and just asked the guard not to touch him and he left the hall.

He further stated that “I generally don’t go to premieres and events. I went to this one because Zhalay Sarhadi invited me with loads of hopes that I will show up and I came for her. Clearly, no one from their team members cared for my presence. I did not want to create a scene and ruin others big night hence thought to staying calm and left,” .

Zhalay Sarhadi, who was unaware of the situation, wished if she could have done something there and then. “It is so atrocious, I wish I would know who is responsible,” expressed Sarhadi. She also confirmed that the matter is being looked into. The actress also praised Abbasi for his kindness. “It is very big of him. He is one of the most decent individual I know,” Zhalay Sarhadi said.

On the other hand, Neuplex Cinema replied on the issue as:

“Nueplex Cinemas always has the strict policy to print out the tickets at least a week before the date of the premiere and hand it over to the Distributor. From then on, selecting whom to invite & sending out the invites & the tickets, becomes the matter between the film’s Distributor, Producer(s) and their appointed PR Company.”

They further went on to say that These entities have a tendency to over invite people without considering the fact that the cinema has a fixed seating capacity and cannot accommodate more people than the seats that are available. The same happened at the Premiere of Chalay Thay Saath held on 20th April 2017, in which once again the film’s distributor (IMGC) sent out far more invites than the available capacity they had booked. This lead to the incidences of people sitting on the floors and who had to be removed by our security guards as per our standard operating procedure.”

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