Late Om Puri’s wife criticizes & bashes Aamir Liaquat

Late Om Puri's wife criticizes & bashes Aamir Liaquat

Om Puri’s unfortunate demise will forever remain a mystery for people in India and even in Pakistan. The veteran actor not only had a great fan following in India, but his respect for Pakistan and casting in Actor-in-Law were conceived as a great part of love between the two nations. However, after his death, many questions were raised as to the reason behind his alleged murder, which was hinted on being pro-Pakistani. Raising the question from the front, Pakistan’s televangelist Aamir Liaquat was among the people asking for an explanation too.

However, it seems that his attempt to dig into the matter didn’t sit well with Om Puri’s wife, Nandita Puri, as she has now bashed Liaquat like no other.

What actually happened was that after blaming Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his advisor for the murder, Liaquat also showed a weird video and went on to say that a ghost was spotted outside the residence of Modi. Obviously, the ghost belonged to “Om Puri” and he was there to take revenge, at least this is what Aamir Liaquat thinks! Once again, reviving the whole episode, a private Pakistani channel broadcasted the same video, starting the controversies once again. In case you missed out, here it is:

Finally, when Nandita Das couldn’t take it any more, she has reacted to the video with quite bashing statements towards Aamir Liaquat:

“Aamir Liaquat is a joker in Pakistan, who does these things for cheap publicity.”

She further revealed that the video was given to Aamir for BOL TV by some news channel in India, as they couldn’t on-air the content due to it being sensitive for the audience.

“What is trending now by Aamir Liaquat, is extremely disgraceful and in bad taste.

“What Mr. Liaquat does makes no sense. Whole of Pakistan considers him as a joker. Nobody takes him seriously. He’s a jerk.”

Seems that Ms. Nandita had her fair share of supposed reasons and ghosts coming her way. This is why she left no stone unturned to make an example out of Aamir Liaquat. Let’s see what our very own anchor has to say, because he always has an answer and explanation for every thing.


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