This Pakistani film will be financed by the US-based investor

This Pakistani film will be financed by the US-based investor

Aina 2 – a sequel to legendary Pakistani film Aina will be financed by the United States based inventor. The veteran filmmaker Nooruddin is going to head the basis of this new project.

The first part of Aina starred Shabnam, Nadeem in leading roles while it also had special performances in the form of cameo by Qavi and Bahar begum. The movie was released in 1980s and the music was composed by Robin Ghosh and Sajjad Tafu.

As soon as the remake to movie was announced, audience around the country rejoiced to witness one of the legendary movie coming to screens once again.

US-based investor Jameel Ahmed has announced that he would help in funding the entire sequel of the upcoming film, reveals the makers of the movie in a recently held press conference.

The film will be shot in the scenic locations of Canada and will star Nadeem and Shabnam in the same roles, while Shahroze Sabzwari will play the role of their son.

On the same page, another Pakistani film with the name of ‘Chaein Na Aye’, being headed by Syed Noor, is also adopted by a US-based investor for funding.


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