Monsoon Season – A Curse Or A Blessing?


Author: Moona Laghari


IS RAINY SEASON HERE?!? Yes, that exactly is our reaction while we hear someone talking and discussing about it. We all know that monsoon consists of heavy rainfalls with heavy winds, which is a deadly combo considering the fact that we all live in a country like Pakistan where it becomes more of a disaster and less of a blessing. This season is something which is loved by all, no matter what the age group is and agree it or not we all wait for it keenly because it brings us nothing but contentment. We all can agree that rain enhances the amount of happiness in our lives as it takes away all the worries of our normal day to day life. We forget all our sorrows and start falling in love with moment when it’s raining. It makes us realize a lot of things and makes us grateful for all the countless blessings we are blessed with.




Monsoon In Pakistan


Monsoon in Pakistan and especially in Karachi is something we all are quite scared of considering the situation here with poor drainage system, intersections and poor management of roads which increases the possibility of urban flooding. Despite all the joy it brings to us, it takes away so much from us in return which we can’t think of losing at any cost. Because of this poor management system we start hating this HUGE blessing which turns out as a HUGE disaster at the end of the day. The joy we being our day with turns out to be a big mishap. Thanks to our government and their system to turn the tables completely for us all patriotic citizens of the state who love their country with the same enthusiasm and spirit no matter what.



Precautions To Take In Monsoon


>  Try avoiding going outdoors

When monsoon seasons hits, we better try to stay indoors as much as possible because going out for fun is not safe in this season. I mean, who doesn’t love rains, right? But considering the situation here, we better should stay at our homes and try avoiding going out unnecessarily.



Stay away from electric wires and poles

Another most important precaution to take would definitely be to stay away from all the electrical things i.e electric wires, electric poles and electric appliances. A lot of people don’t realize but god forbid these electrical things could be the reason of some big disaster. So STAY INDOORS!!!




Drive your vehicle slowly

If you have to go out in case of an emergency, drive your vehicle SLOWLY. Try to avoid driving your car through high water and also try to create some distance between all the other vehicles on road. Avoid sudden brakes and stops. If not paid attention carefully, it can make your car bump into someone which we’re sure no one wants. Do your part.




An emergency kit for the go

Always get prepared for this rainy season beforehand and try making an emergency kit if you’re a student or an office going person. It should include all the little things which might somehow help you with this beastly season i.e an umbrella, handy raincoat, galoshes, plastic to cover your valuable items, battery backed emergency light.




Avoid getting wet in rain

Last but not the least, avoid getting wet in rain!!! I accept the fact that we all just can’t resist going out and enjoy but this sudden change in weather is not good for us as it might make us sick. Because this season weakens our immunity which means we might fall sick more quickly than before. Make sure to get your hands on a thermometer and have some paracetamol available at your home.




Stay away from billboards and trees

We have seen many cases where people face troubles with this rainy season as it also contains very heavy winds with it which causes big trees to fall down on the center of roads. It also contains high risk of billboards to fall down on the road as well which can create a big tragedy for people crossing roads.




BUT BUT BUT this all doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy this weather. We can still enjoy it by sitting at our homes with our families and have some PAKORAYS and CHAI!!! Because that’s a must if you’re from a true desi family. Along with all of this, try having some little break from your busy rough life and spend the MONSOON season the right way.




Moona Laghari

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