Great tricks for cleaning things you thought would stay dirty forever!

Great tricks for cleaning things you thought would stay dirty forever!

Cleaning is one of our least favourite activity. But luckily, there are certain ways to make cleaning much more easier. With less amount of time and effort, we can now, achieve the best results.

Here are some of most simple and easy tricks for cleaning at home;


Mix 2 tablespoons of calcined soda, 2 tablespoons of ordinary baking soda, then rub the mixture onto the surface of the slightly wet sink. After about 10 minutes, mix 50 g of vinegar and 50 g of bleach, and pour on top of the layer of soda. Wait half an hour, then wash the sink with water.

Window frames

Using a water spray bottle filled with water and vinegar in a ratio of 1:1, spray the soda at the lower part of the window frame. Then, rub thoroughly with an old toothbrush and wipe first with a paper towel, then with a wet cloth. Tada!

Space between the Bathroom Titles

The dirt that gather in the thin spaces between the tiles can easily be removed by rubbing the affected area with a mixture of vinegar and soda. Leave the mixture on the surface for a couple of minutes, then rinse with water and wipe dry.

The Oven

Pour some ammonia spirit into a small container, and leave it in the unheated oven overnight. Meanwhile, in the morning, the dirt will be gone from the walls of the oven. But remember to keep the windows open while cleaning, and always wear rubber gloves.


Wipe down the stained area to make it wet. Sprinkle the area with soda, leave for 10 minutes, and then vacuum it up. Mix 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, and add the mixture with warm water. Rub the area where the stain is thoroughly, and allow it to dry.


In order to keep chrome-plated surfaces clean for as long as possible, wipe them with wax paper. You’ll soon find yourself spending a whole lot less time cleaning up in the bathroom.



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