Guess Who Got The Worst Celebrity Interview Title?



Chelsea Handler who is an American comedian Television host was asked in an interview about her worst celebrity guest of all time, she said that Justin Bieber was her worst Celebrity Interview. It’s not because he was shy. “He tried to flirt with me and it was so uncomfortable,” Handler said at Variety’s Sundance Film Festival Studio. “You feel like a child molester, I was not sexually attracted to a child. And “I didn’t want to feel that way, I think he does that with everybody,” Handler added.

Justin Bieber appeared on her show in 2011 to promote his album “Under the Mistletoe.” 

“I’m so sick of you and your stuff,” she told Bieber at the time. “This is why you’re dangerous, because you’re like 11 and you’re tricking me.”

Handler recently premiered a four episode docuseries on Netflix called “Chelsea Does” and will be launching a new talk show for the streaming service later this year.

Its not that easy to make Chelsea Handler uncomfortable but that’s exactly what Justin Bieber did.


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