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Habits that drain you!

Life has become fast paced and our energy is consumed at every waking step we take. During this time, it is essential to preserve what we can and stay away from habits that are bound to drain you. 

Here are some things you should avoid: 

Taking things personally: Why worry when you should know what people do is only a reflection of their insecurities. 

Holding onto the past: Not worth it. The present is too precious to be stuck in reverse. 

Social media consumption: Limit screen time and do not compare your life. What you see on Instagram may not be reality. 

Fuelling drama: I cannot stress enough on this, step away from any situation which you know will stir up a conflict or drama. 

Poor diet: They say you are what you eat. So eat what benefits your body. Stay fresh and feel lighter by making the right choices. 

Complaining: Every time you want to criticise something, try finding positive traits about it instead. It helps re wire our own thoughts and make them positive. 

Gossiping: A BIG NO!

People pleasing: Why do things to impress others when you are the one that needs to be content with what you do? Stop seeking validation. 

Not living in the moment: Learn to just BE in the moment. Sometimes, we miss out on precious things by worrying about the future. 

Until next time. 

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