Hamza Ali Abbasi bashes Pakistani filmmakers

Hamza Ali Abbasi is known for his straight forward statements on social media. He doesn’t even care what people think about him. He just writes and posts stuff which he think is worth highlighting. The actor recently posted on Facebook about how he felt about item songs: “It’s heart breaking and disappointing to see some brilliant Pakistani film makers still using ITEM NUMBERS to sell their films,” he wrote.

“How can the censor board allow such filth to run in cinemas and how can PEMRA allow this to be run on channels? Pakistani artists finally managed to get enough respect in the society that now young educated boys and girls from good families are coming into this field, please don’t spoil this hard earned respect by putting on a flesh show and calling it glamour!!! Item songs degrade women and objectify them….which goes against the essence of Women’s Empowerment and Women’s Rights, our religion and our norms,” read his status.

Hamza’s post comes soon after the release of Sadaf Kanwal’s item number teaser of Na Maloom Afraad 2 and could be a reference to her song in the upcoming film – although his status is not pointing out fingers to anyone specifically.

But it looks like he forgot that he was a part of a film that had an item song. People were quick to point out that the actor was part of Jawani Phir Nahi Ani which featured an item song and he was also seen ogling bikini clad women in the film.

People made him realise that before pointing out fingers at others, one should look at themselves as well. This time it looks like Hamza Ali abbasi just made a wrong statement at a wrong time.

What do you have to say about Hamza’s statement?


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