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Well, even with the ups and down, the good and bad things, one never stops loving their country, just like that Pakistan is HOME to us since we came into being. We are always so excited when it comes to birthdays of our loved ones and why shouldn’t we be? It’s a reason to celebrate right. Guess whose birthday is right around the corner, our very own, the most beautiful place, home to most of us, our beloved country Pakistan.

Pakistan came into being on 14th August, 1947. 71 years of struggle, passion and a lot of hard work. Damn, our country is getting old. Every year, our independence day is celebrated all around the country with utmost enthusiasm and patriotism. From a small young, adults, older people all of them are eagerly waiting to celebrate their country’s day.

Every year, for me, 14th August is something I look forward to, there are a couple of thing which I always intend on doing every year, it’s a tradition. Wearing white is and a touch of green whether, be it the dupatta or bangles, could be any accessory, the combination is always something I have to follow and I make sure, my friends and family are doing too.

Also, now that lockdown is almost over, good news in 2020, my excitement is double and its peak this year. Can’t wait to dine out on 14th, all glammed up, with friends or family. You’re never too old to decorate your house with Pakistan flags and lights, it eventually makes the whole vibe so much better.

Let’s all hope and pray that this year brings happiness, peace and prosperity for our country? Nothing but love and prayers your way, today and always. Happy Birthday Pakistan!! We love you.

Pakistan Zindabad!



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