Heads up guys! Here is Shah Rukh Khan’s mobile number

Heads up guys! Here is Shah Rukh Khan’s mobile number

Yes, you heard it right! The king of all Bollywood stars Shah Rukh Khan has actually revealed his mobile number during a recent interview.

According to an Indian news website, Khan answered most searched questions about him on Google during an interview which included what was his cellphone number.

Khan said, “It is 5559960321. Call anytime post midnight. I will pick it up. Otherwise, leave a message and I will answer you back with an emoji.”

He denied of being the richest celebrity in the world.

“The second last one I heard, but not the richest. I wish I was. I am quite a capitalist material kind of guy like that. I like good things in life but no I don’t think I am the richest actor in the world,” he said.

The actor denied of having a tattoo in real life but his character in Jab Harry met Sejal has one.

He added that he will buy his own jet when he will make a 1000 crore movie.


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