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Height and longevity, the cost of being tall can be your life – Study

Height and longevity, the cost of being tall can be your life - Study

Yes, what you have read is absolutely right! Your height determines how longer you can live. So, if you fall under the red zone, it is time you read this study. As per a research, it has been stated that people with short height live longer. Similarly, people who have long heights tend to pass away at an early age.

The study has referred that people who are extra-ordinarily tall can lead themselves to premature death. This is why a Guinness World Record Owner and Basketball player with height of seven feet and seven inches tall died at just the age of 36.

On the other hand, the same research also suggested that Japanese people of Okinawa Island live up to an average of 78 years old, this is because they have an average height of five foot only.

The reason behind the premature deaths of exceptionally tall heighted people is a pituitary gland in brain. The gland is the reason behind the puberty process and swift production of hormones. Moreover, it can also develop escalating problems as heart failure and tumors.

On the other hand, the same study has also suggested that people with tall heights should eat healthy diet and exercise on regular basis for better life expectancy.

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