Highest-Paid Celebrity, Salman Khan says “I don’t have that money”

Recently, Salman Khan was listed in the Forbes top 100 highest-paid celebrities list of 2017. His earnings are $38 million (approx. Rs 245 crore) between June 2016, to June this year.

But when asked about what he had to say about making it to the esteemed Forbes list, he revealed that even he is trying to figure out where is all that money.

He said:

 “You know Shah Rukh and I were speaking last night, and we said, “Yeh kya (Forbes’ list) hai? Hamesha, we fall short of money to buy this or that…” I still haven’t been able to buy my house. I used to fall short by a few lakhs before, and then it became a crore, then few, and now I’m short by quite a few crores to buy my own place. And then this Forbes’ list!”. 

He further said, “I don’t have that money. I seriously don’t have that money. I was going through it and going, “Yeh paise kahan hai, bhai? Kidhar?” When a film makes Rs 500 crore, only a very nominal amount from that comes to you. It’s just that your business is worth Rs 500 crore.”
“But with Being Human clothing, we have a partner who takes a certain amount. From what comes to us, we pay taxes, and then it goes back to Being Human. The same thing with cycles, jewelry… Our business interest is towards what we can put into the charitable trust. We were already putting in a lot.”

I mean seriously? but superstars are superstars.


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