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Highlighter brighter than your future!

You know the one thing that just completes an entire makeup look? Highlighter!

For those who know me, must know my obsession for a GOOD, non glittery and radiant highlighter. There is not a day that I remember, where I forget to add a little glow to my face to keep me looking fabulous all day. 

Here are my top 3 highlighter picks:

  1. Anastasia Glow Palettes: I cannot emphasise enough on how brilliant these palettes are! My go to palette is the “Sundipped” or the “Sweet” palette which have 6 different shades each whether you’re looking for a summery glow or a shade for a bright and brilliant highlight. 
  1. Jeffree Star: From the 24k palette to the Skin Frost pro palette, Jeffree knows how to shine on with his highlight! If you want a blinding glow with ultra cool shades, this is your chance to stand out! 
  1. MAC Soft and Gentle: The perfect go to for an everyday, subtle and soft glimmer. 

I suggest you makeup queens to try these three options out and blind away the haters!

Until next time. 

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