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Hira Ali launches her own organic beauty brand “Hira Ali Beauty”!

The country’s leading fashion designer, Hira Ali, has diverged to the skincare and beauty industry, starting with the launch of an all-new skincare product ‘Hemp Miracle Oil’ under the new label of ‘Hira Ali Beauty’. It takes an unparalleled and fresh approach to beauty and skin care products, one unheard of in the Pakistan market.

The ‘Miracle Oil’ product currently being offered by the brand is made from hemp seed extract with vegetable glycerin, making it 100% natural. The oil deeply moisturizes the skin and is suitable for every skin type. The oil reduces acne and removes dark spots, while also containing antioxidants which reduces fine lines and wrinkles acting as an anti-aging product.

With this product, Hira Ali Beauty further plans to introduce a new upcoming line of organic skincare products. Up until now, most skincare and beauty brands in Pakistan have heavily relied on chemicals to help the skin which may have adverse effects in the long run.

The Hemp Miracle Oil is created in order to provide a healthier alternative to the people. The affordability of the product, when compared to other skin oils in the market, ensures that it is aimed for everyone, while the Hira Ali brand itself speaks volumes of the reputation it has garnered over the years.

“As a new brand in the skin care industry, we strive and aim to bring the latest advances and innovative products in skin care to the consumers, Miracle oil is a part of that mission”, says Hira Ali C.E.O of Hira Ali Beauty.

“Alongside the enormous success of Hira Ali Studios, I decided to set foot in the skin care industry. Providing the most skin friendly and highly beneficial products for all, ensuring healthy yet promising results. We want people to feel empowered, confident and beautiful after using our products.”

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