Hocane Sisters meetup !!!

Pakistani actress Urwa Hocane has landed in Mumbai. An Instagram post showing the Pakistani starlet in India’s entertainment capital ~ created quite catchup on social media.


After her successful debut in Na Maloom Afraad, Urwa Hocane is all set to woo her fans in an upcoming movie starring against Bilal Ashraf and the bad boy of our music industry, Ali Azmat. It is worth mentioning that Urwa has replaced actress and model Iman Ali for the lead role in the movie. According to sources first spell of the movie has already been shot in Hyderabad and the movie will hit theaters in 2016.


What could it be?

Urwa’s sister Mawra Hocane is already stationed in Mumbai these days where she is busy shooting for her debut Bollywood film Sanam Teri Kasam.

SisHOCANE SISTERS“There are a few things in the pipeline for her (Urwa). She has finally got the time to attend all the meetings in Mumbai as she was busy with her films in Pakistan,” Mawra told The media.

Mawra is making the most of her break from shooting Shahid Shafat’s Two plus Two. And of course, because it was about time when soul sisters met.

In an earlier interview, Urwa had disclosed that venturing into B-Town and Hollywood have always been on the cards for her. As long as there is a positive vibe and good story, I am willing to go to Bollywood, Hollywood or anywhere else. My sister Mawra is currently shooting three films in India and besides, I think it promotes a healthy image of our country.



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