Hold on a second! There’s a ‘Soul Brothers’ group in social town

Hold on a second! There's a 'Soul Brothers' group in social town

Social media has taken over our lives drastically in the past few years. In Pakistan, it’s a trend to follow a person and lead a life according to him/her, thus devoting ourselves to whatever tickles our taste buds. However, not all but most of us have understood how to take advantage from this little yet ever-growing world of social media; something we call the 21st-century digitalization.

No one can deny the fact that women have begun to take over the world after the rise of social media. You’ll see women standing up for each other no matter where they belong to, with issues ranging from personal to global rights – FEMINISM. On this account, who does not know the groups “Soul Sisters” & “Soul Bitches”? If you are a woman then no matter where you live if you want to raise your voice and want definite support than these are the groups you want to join! Not to forget – MEN ARE NOT ALLOWED!

However, better late than never, the same thing has popped out again and this time it’s the MEN of Pakistan. Coming along the same format and the same rule# 1 – WOMEN ARE NOT ALLOWED, we came about “Soul Brothers,” where ‘Bros before Hoes’ will be the only accepted entities.

Hold on a second! There seems to be a 'Soul Brothers' group in social townAs the group has just originated, there is not a huge count of beginners but one can most definitely see men from all over the country joining the group, seeking dire need of ‘men’ help and obviously a little bit of mischievousness.

This is the group’s link: Soul Brothers

As far as knowing what’s going on inside the group, well then you’ll have to join it to figure that out. As for all the ladies out there, it seems as though you’ll have to make a fake male id in order to get inside this group.

Al in all, it seems as Pakistani men are set to make their social appearance and tug their way through all the obstacles out there! But hold on girls, here’s a preview of what’s happening inside: “Thai massage with a happy ending” would you call it cheating on ur partner??!!”


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