How to make Naturally straight hair Curly

If you’d like to add bounce and volume to your naturally straight hair by curling it, you have several easy options. A very popular and effective method is to use a curling iron. If your hair holds curls easily and you prefer not to damage it, you may find that some simple overnight styling techniques can give you beautiful curls for the next day. Finally, if you’re committed to having lasting curls every day and don’t want to style them every day, you have the option of getting a permanent

Buy a 1 in (2.5 cm) iron for short or medium-length hair. If your hair is only a bit past your shoulders or shorter, you should use a thinner 1 in (2.5 cm) iron for your hair. A thicker one may not give you the number of curls that you want.

  • Shop for curling irons online or at beauty supply or department stores.
  • A larger 1.25 in (3.2 cm) thick iron is best to use on hair that’s past shoulder-length. Using a thinner iron may not curl all of your strands each time you roll it up.

Apply volumizing mousse or hairspray to your dry, brushed hair. Your hair doesn’t need to be freshly washed to begin curling it, but it should be .free of tangles and dry. Use volumizing mousse or hairspray to coat most of your hair with a thin layer. Be sure to cover the ends of your hair covered with mousse or spray, since those areas are usually the first to lose the curl.

Set the iron temperature according to your hair’s thickness. If you have a curling iron that allows you to change the temperature, you should set your iron at a lower temperature if you have fine hair. Putting too high of heat on fine hair can cause damage to it. For thick hair, set your iron at a higher temperature so the heat gets all of your hair with each time you roll it. If your hair is fine to the medium thickness or is color-treated, set your iron to 200 °F (93 °C) or below. For thick hair, you can set the temperature to 200–300 °F (93–149 °C).

Pin each curl up gently to let it cool. To help keep each curl locked in, allow it to cool curled up and close to your head. Take a bobby pin (or a single prong clip or duckbill clip) and gently insert it into the curl close to your head to keep the curl up while it cools.

Release each cooled curl and spray it with strong or fortifying hair spray. When you’re finished curling your hair, release each pin from your curls and coat your hair with a layer of hair spray to get them to hold. High-strength or “fortifying” spray will help hold your curls in place longer

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