HSY – The King of Couture

By: Irza Haque

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Mr. Hasan Shehryar Yasin, who is also known as HSY, the king of fashion industry in Pakistan. People from all around the globe know him for being an absolute stunner and his unqiue, elegant styles undeniably do not have a match!

HSY - The King of Couture

He gives his collections exclusive names that goes out with his style of work. Some are called; Bridal Luxe, Sher, City of Gradens, The Kingdom, Radiance and similiarly many more that also give us a clear reflection of how his collection would be like. With the commencment of 2018, HSY will complete his 24 years in the industry. As a matter of fact; he is the fashion force behind the label and has been referred to as the ‘New King of Couture’ by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. He is famous for his bridal collection that makes everyone go awestruck!

HSY - The King of Couture

HSY has well succeeded in redefining contemporary glamour by using traditional crafts and techniques and applying it to the modern silhouettes to create a look that does not go out of fashion and also remains classy at the same time! He started with Bridal wear but later was able to excel in Men Pret and Women Pret that has even more varieties available. Needless to say that one cannot buy his Bridal collection labelling it as costly because his Pret wear has everything that is needed for all the bridemaids and best men out there!

HSY - The King of Couture

His clothes are categorized as one of the most comfortable wears since he not only keeps design in mind but also priortize wearability as a core matter of concern. So to all the people there, who have yet to decide what to and what not to wear, believe you me, its about time you make the decision now and not let yourself regret later!

HSY - The King of Couture


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