Humaima Malick is all set for her upcoming Bollywood flick

Humaima Malick is all set for her upcoming Bollywood flick

Humaima Malick was expected to make her Bollywood debut alongside Sanjay Dutt in Sher. However, the latter got arrested and the film was shelved. But, now that Dutt is back with a bang, Sher has commenced its production and is going to be bigger this time.

Talking to sources, she shares, “I can’t reveal much about the story yet as I have a strict no-spoilers policy. What I can tell you though is that it’s a remake of Mother India. Most of the film is shot in Rajasthan; we shot for 45 days straight in Jaipur.”

“It’s a period film and it’s the first time I’m doing a period film. It’s also a challenging role but I’ve never shied away from doing demanding roles, I actually find it very exhilarating,” she adds.

Talking about the opportunity, she said, “It’s been an experience that I can’t really put into words. It was my first film in India and opposite such legends. I got to act alongside Vinod Khanna and I feel like I was blessed to have known him. I got a chance to experience the powerhouse that is Paresh Rawal, then, of course, Sanjay Dutt, he’s such a joy to be working with. And Seema Biswas also! God, I couldn’t have hand-picked a better onscreen mother.”

As far as the movie’s release date is concerned, Malik teasingly says, “I will leave revealing the date to the producers but I’ll tell you that it will be really, really soon.”

Sher has been produced by Ashtivinayak and Soham Shah and will see Humaima play Dutt’s wife who takes over his empire after his death.


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