Humaima Malick’s heartbreaking Facebook post will give you goosebumps

We all have seen issues like child abuse, child labour, sexual abuse. And these are the issues which no one talks about on their social media and take stand for. Well recent post of Humaima Malick’s is something related to that how some parents throw their children on streets like a trash.  And it’s really heart breaking.

This baby was found near Maripur with 3 missing fingers & nose because dogs had bitten them. Thanks to Dr Zulfiqar who was on his way to hospital and found this baby and took this baby saved her life. This was not the first time, incidents like these are common in Maripur.

Exactly, when somebody can’t take care of their child then they don’t have a right to destroy his life by throwing him away like a trash.

But there are still some humanity exists. Nobel OT Technician at Muhammadi Hospital Mirpur has adopted a baby.


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