Humza Abbasi receives prosecution letter from the government

Humza Abbasi receives prosecution letter from the government

Hamza Ali Abbasi has once again taken to Facebook for announcing the fact that he had received a legal prosecution letter by the government of Punjab because of spreading ‘false rumors’ about children kidnappings in the province.

Humza Abbasi recently posted on his Facebook page, claiming that he has been sent a prosecution notice by the “Govt of Sharif Royal Family.” Abbasi further claimed that he was being pointed and blamed for spreading false rumors and fear among the people through his social media account. He then went on to write more than half a dozen well-known news sources that had already been raising this issue regarding the kidnappings of minors.

The post in question was published on Facebook on the 3rd of August. It was written that more than 900 children had been kidnapped in the last three months only in Punjab.

Humza Abbasi is known for his critiques and appreciation through his social media profile in Facebook, and so today he ruled out the game by bringing forth the legal prosecution letter sent to him by the govt of Punjab!


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