Lal’s Chocolates – A Vision Of An Incredibly Inspiring Lady Celebrates A Decade Of Passion & Culinary Excellence

She came, she saw, she conquered it all with all her passion and dream to build her own chocolate house perfectly describes Lal Majid – a lady with a vision and love for culinary excellency. What started as a standalone luxury chocolate and gifting shop in Karachi’s Zamzama in 2006, has now turned into a whole new gourmet experience. Today after 10 years of passion, hard-work and commitment to itself, Lals Chocolates have re-established itself with a new exciting look as Lals Patisserie along with the initiative of introducing their loyalty card at Khayab-e-Shahbaz, DHA, Karachi.

Lals Patisserie

Passion is what makes an artist; and to celebrate such beautiful and tempting art all together, a cozy hi-tea was organized for the friends of Lals who indeed had a great time together gazing at the beautiful interior with tantalizing aroma of chocolate and coffee.

Lals Patisserie (1) IMG_0823

Madiha Sultan Tai, CEO Lals spoke her heart out and said, “We have grown and innovated over these ten years; we have developed some of Pakistan’s most delicious confectionary and desserts including our signature Ice-cream macaroons. In terms of retail expansion, we are proud to have opened a premium chocolate shop in Lahore, along with a strong presence in Karachi with our flagship patisserie at Khayaban-e-Shahbaz and another at the Dolmen Mall in Clifton. As we celebrate our 10 years in the business, we also announce that the Lals brand is now open for franchising and we look forward to scaling our presence nationwide. At Lals, we take pride in being one of the few gourmet brands in the country who have also redefined personalization of not only chocolates but a wide array of products and gifting solutions. Our patrons can continue to expect nothing but the absolute best from us for all the decades yet to come.” 

Team Lals - Muniba, Madiha Sultan Tai, Lal Majid, Sonia Chandoo and Ayesha

From getting an inspiration from a story book to opening up one of a kind chocolate store and writing an award winning book, The whole successful journey of Lals Chocolates and Lal Majid is more than enough to inspire anyone who wishes to do anything in their life. I would like to thank Lal Aunty for being a saviour and a fairy god-mother for everyone who loves chocolate, your passion increased our passion and may this passion and love for chocolate grow old, pure and strong.


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