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The specialists say the main folks on the planet that don’t have tumor are the Hunza people. The key element about this circumstance is their nourishment and way of life.

The condition in this country is still the same. They have a little number of sick persons and their normal age is 120 years! Yes, that is correct, 120 years.

Hunzakuti are old individuals, situated on the fringe of Pakistan and India in the Hunza River valley. This valley is encompassed by sharp cliffs of the Himalayas mountains.


As we said to start with, this life span is because of their lifestyle and their nourishment. In summer they eat numerous vegetables and crude organic products, and in winter they eat dried apricots, cheddar and grew grains.


Another fascinating trademark about them is that they are showering with icy water even on 10 degrees beneath zero.



Presently, how about we see the food that they are devouring:

  • Crude vegetables, foods grown from the ground: Hunza individuals eat these fixings all through the entire day. They likewise make distinctive suppers with them. Mention that they eat meat seldom.
  • Exceptional bread: This bread is a fundamental piece of their eating routine. They make it from the flour got from the entire grain millet and buckwheat. This flour is blended with 1/4 teaspoon of salt, which is beforehand converged with the dried and squashed vegetables. To the blend was included a large portion of some icy drain or water with minerals.
  • Apricot seeds: Apricots are brimming with sodium, Vitamin A and potassium. Apricot seeds are full with Vitamin B-17 seeds, amino acids and key fats. It is trusted that the seeds of this organic product can cure tumor.











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