I never took it as an ‘Indian’ film – Madiha Imam

I never took it as an ‘Indian’ film - Madiha Imam

VJ-turned-actress Madiha Imam recently made her big screen debut with Bollywood film Dear Maya opposite Manisha Koirala. Dear Maya which is helmed by first-time director, Sunaina Bhatnagar.

Recently in an interview Madiha when asked about her film, she said, “I’ve never really been very vocal about my projects. Whenever an offer comes my way and I feel I can comfortably perform and would creatively enjoy the process, I take it up. Be it a music channel or an acting assignment, as long as I get to explore myself, I take it up. That’s how I took this offer as well.”

“I just had to take it up. I was comfortable and the narrative was of a project I had always dreamt of. I feel I’m an extremist – either I look for fantasy, or realism and Dear Maya offered me both. It had a world of its own and I absolutely loved working on it.”

Nonetheless, it is a proud moment to see young Imam playing a pivotal role in the film and shining on the big screen. We hope to watch the film soon.


Fareeha Imdad

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