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I see humans, but no humanity!?

As I was going through some of the recent online collections, I came across this brand who was advertising their new collection by the name of Muharram!! I mean I was speechless, how insensitive can you be to advertise or monetize a tragedy!!

This clothing brand recently launched their collection named’ Muharram” in order to make money out of the horrible tragedy which took place years ago!

I believe there is nothing more brutal and selfish than this. I mean in the future whats next? “You lost your sibling collection” or ‘”You lost your parents collection.” Extremely disgusting and saddening that a nation like ours tends to make such mistakes and blunders in order to earn.

Years ago someone died for us and our religion and this is how we respect their actions? Disrespectful.

Also, you don’t need to be Shia to respect the sacrifice and holiness of this month. You just need to be HUMAN, which clearly people have forgotten how to be one, nowadays!


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