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I will not let anybody define me – Mahira Khan

Few month backs Pakistani actor Mahira Khan’s pictures with Ranbir Kapoor in New York were all over the internet, it’s been due to her recently released film, Verna.

In an interview Mahira shared how the strong character followed by online assault made her stronger.

“I was quiet initially but I was definitely not laughing over the situation. It is personal for sure. I decided to respond to trolls because something very personal to me became public.”

She continued, “For anybody being harassed and the issue becoming a national debate, it’s not a nice thing. I don’t know what made me do this but I thought that I am going to take this on the chin and going to move forward,” she said.

“It takes strength… but when you are hit with something and are in the storm, you fight it out. It is not that you are stronger than him or her. It is just that you walk out of the storm. Once you come out, you are stronger and more evolved,” she added.

“I think that nobody should define you – if anything then you should define yourself. I learned during that period who I was, and I will not let anybody define me. Not to say that I don’t take criticism and all of that, she continued.

She went on to claim that it’s all a game of power, “This is all power. Harassment is power. Rape is power. All these things are just to show power. Hopefully, because of this debate, the predator will think twice before preying on someone who is vulnerable. I doubt if someone will come to me with that intention because they will know that I will say, ‘To hell with you.’ I think it is time that we speak up.”

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